Thursday, March 28, 2013


There are days when this life just becomes over whelming.
 When dropping my kid off at the neighbors, with her toothbrush, in the morning just so I can be at work a few minutes early makes me want to cry.
When trying to be mom at home and clap out and the park and teacher conferences and trying to be a great student at school and field work and trying to be an adult at work, and the gynecologist doctor, and some sort of a wife becomes completely absurd.
 When dumping out the same basket of clean clothes on my bed for the 15th day in a row to find my kid a clean outfit makes me want to throw it all out the window.
When watching my husband fall asleep at 9:00 on the couch because he is just totally worn out from working 12 hours a day six days a week before we have even had a chance to really speak makes me want to throw a fit.
When my chest feels so heavy at night because the weight of life is so very real.
 When I would rather scratch my eyeballs out than figure out how exactly I am going to fit in forty hours of work in seven days this week.

When I have an emotional breakdown because my mountain dew is not only diet but also caffeine free! {I mean REALLY what is the point}
 When I realize that I am asking my six year old for fashion advice.
  When I seriously contemplated downloading a Taylor Swift song 
When life just straight up brings you to your knees, there really is only one thing that makes it all worth it in the end.
  These people, my little family that we have worked so hard for.

Knowing that the end is near and the time I will have to spend with them will be priceless.

This little guy, knowing that I will soon have time to travel to wherever this life may take him.

It is what we all work for right?  

 For the love of our families.

So here’s to not losing my mind before May of 2014 and being able to keep my eyes from filling with too many tears before then.

{all photos taken by the lovely AmyE}
Crying in the corner signing "Something MORE!" 


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Amy E said...

You are so strong!!! I will be praying for you as you tackle life. <3

Amy E

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