Monday, January 21, 2013

how to Cabinet Doors

Although we did add a few new base cabinets, we kept the existing base cabinets in place.  No matter how we priced it, it never made sense to completely get rid of the cabinets. They were in perfect condition, we just don't do the CURVE top.  Fine, just not us.  

The doors

The question was what to replace the doors with.  As usual we priced out all types of options.  Ikea, online, home depot, you name it!  In the end we just couldn't resist a go at it ourselves.  I am so glad we did!  It is SO satisfying to know we made those bad boys!

It was actually pretty easy.  Once we got everything set up and a system in place.
First we removed all the old doors, bet you didn't see that one coming!

Each door was measured as we went.  

Then we cut each frame piece. 

Cut the corners. (Be sure that you are angling your corners in the same direction)
Collect all these tiny angles into a bucket for later use in your fire pit. 

Set up router


 Run each frame piece through the router (Make sure that you are routing the "inside" of the frame piece.  The routing allows for the insert, bead board in this case, to be placed inside the frame. When If you route through the outside of the piece, you obviously can NOT insert the bead board correctly.)

Once all of your frame pieces are cut, you can mock up each frame to insure your measurements are correct.  (You would NOT want to glue and nail pieces that were cut incorrectly.  Not that I would know.)

Now it is time to measure and cut your inserts.  Then sand it down.  It is easier to sand this piece around the edges BEFORE it is placed in the frame.  

Once you are sure that all your measurements are correct it is time to glue then nail.  

Take pictures of your work boots while your hubby works.

Collect all of your old doors in a big pile...for later use in the fire pit!

Next, we created a template for the hardware from our old cabinets.  

First drill a hole THROUGH the old cabinet hardware location.  Place the old door on top of the new door (make sure the new door is BACK up, just sayin) and clamp them together.  Drill through the old door, just slightly into the new door.  This way you can remove the old door and now you have a mark for where your new hole should be!

Next, drill the new hole!  (We found that the thickness of our drill bit was the right depth that we needed for the hardware.  So we would just drill until the drill bit was flush with the cabinet door.)

Place hardware!  (Note - There is A LOT of room for adjustment in the mounting hardware.  So when you put the new doors on the existing bases, DON'T melt down. They are not all wrong, just adjust.)

Now your doors are ready to paint!

A few notes...we placed all of our doors on the cabinets, adjusted the hardware, then removed them and painted the doors.  This eliminated taking on and off already painted doors. (you know to avoid scratches, we added those later!)  We underestimated the amount of time mounting the doors would take.  It takes A HOT minute, just FYI!  The doors turned out great and I would totally do it again!  We have 21 doors and we spent roughly $120 in lumber...take that Ikea!

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Karen said...

I am so proud of both of you and the beautiful work you have done. I remember when I had that in me to want to do everything myself!

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