Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have been DROOLING over farm tables all over everywhere for the loooongest.  I just could never drop the mullah required to have one of these beauties reside in my house.  ENTER ana-white.  Once again we found an awesome plan that we were able to easily modify for our needs.

It came together pretty easily!  The hardest part was moving it ALL the way to the dining room...WOW it is heavy!

Sometime last year we scored this really awesome table base at a yard sale.  It is the base from an industrial sewing table!! LOVE it.

We went with a lighter color to help the base really stand out.  I could NOT be happier with the color and the finish.  It goes perfect with our chairs that we also purchased last year.

First coat - Glidden Natural Linen
Stain - MinWax Classic Gray 270  (one person brushes while the other wipes it right off)
A little sanding for some aging
Several Coats of MinWax - Polycrylic, satin finish (sand between each coat)

PERFECT farm table if you ask me!

See that wall and that WALL is down and the other will be soon!!!

Check back tomorrow to see more progress!


Anonymous said...

I really love your table!
I only have one question!
Did you PAINT (with opaque paint) the table BEFORE to stain it ??
If yes, how can we still see the wood grain???
(I'm sorry if it's hard to read, I'm French-Canadian)
Answer me at:

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener said...

Yes ... same question as above. What did you do with the paint?

trustmeimacarsalesman said...

3rd here- What did you mix the paint with, and did you sand it afterwards? How long did you let it cure? COME ON

Fallon Davis said...

The first coat is a VERY a light coat of a white paint. The second and third coats are the min wax. Wipe it as you go don't leave it for long. sanded only after the stain.

jairoM1998 said...

Do you remember which white paint you used ?

Anonymous said...

Trying this today. Already painted the first coat of the Glidden Natural linen paint. How long did you wait before applying the classic grey stain and how long did u let it sit before u wiped off? THX!

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