Thursday, July 26, 2012

WALLpaper Be Gone

The dining room is officially under renovation!  I have been dying to tear down the grass cloth on the walls since the day we moved in.  I know, grass cloth is super in right now but ours looked terrible.  You could see virtually every seam and it was peeling in more places than one...YUCK! 

At first peel, I was nervous when the walls looked like this!

However, after a little google I found the perfect solution.  Extremely hot water and FABRIC softener. 

Spray Bottle
Mix a little fabric sofener
Extremly hot water

It worked like magic.  You just spray a section, let it sit for a minute or two and then peel from the bottom corner up! 

We were done in about two hours. AND that includes clean up time!

I am LOVING it already!!

There is a nice primer coat all ready for we just need to pick a color!  AND let's not even discuss that light...GOT.TO.GO!

BACK to pinterest for some inspiration!!

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