Monday, April 9, 2012

a girl needs her space

CAT-5's room is ready for a new look!  Here is a peak at what we are thinking for her room. {You can see all the ideas I have been collecting on pinterest here}

I let her pick out the quilt and after months of loving the owl covered one she went with horses.  And I have to say I love it.  Cute, colorful and a little country.

I've already mentioned the "custom" bulletin board that will go over her dresser instead of the TYP (that means typical for you suncity folks) mirror.

I LOVE the hand made home and I couldn't believe when she posted this equestrian inspiration board a few days ago!  SOME really awesome ideas.

I like to keep it real, I would love for my house to look like it came out of a magazine, but seriously we do live there.  So while this looks super vintage and cutesy and straight out of Scott's Antiques, let's all be sure to note that she does have toys, a tv, and karate gear that has to reside in there too.  But this is the over all "feel" we are going for.

She has had one of these chairs in her room since her first Christmas and I am thinking of ordering this new cover.  I LOVE the tiny floral vintage prints, so I am thinking this will go perfect!

The only bad news, is we will be getting rid of this pbk storage unit.  Which I LOVE and hate to get rid of.  However we bought it for her playroom in the old hood and our house had taller ceilings.  The new playroom is in the finished attic and the ceilings aren't quite tall enough for this piece!  BUMMER!  I have it in her room now, but I have a BIG surprise that I am super excited about for that it's got to go!

To replace the cabinet and all it's glory will be something inspired by these shelves.  I mean seriously WHY didn't I think of this!  FABRIC covered shelves...GENIUS!

And of course there will have to be some type of fabric banner, I really like the happy one in the inspiration board above, but I am thinking something inspired by equestrian ribbons like these.


ps- did you see today's google...TOTALLY equestrian! AWESOMENESS

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The Popes said...

That shelving is awesome! Did you sell it already?

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