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Meet My Sis.  She will be blogging about all things that come out of the kitchen {a place I try to avoid at ALL cost} This is a post I wrote about her on my previous blog O+P.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, we here at O+P love design. Not just interior design but ALL types of design. I am always excited about any type of design that is outside the box, so when my sister called from Boston to inform us all that for her 30th birthday she would be getting a sleeve, I was WAY excited. For those of you that don’t know my sister you have to understand that growing up she was always the shy one, never liked much attention. But now that she is 30 apparently she has ventured out of the shy zone into HELLO my name is JESSICA and I have a very large tattoo covering my entire left arm. While my mom of course was devastated about this new permanent design, I was excited about the statement she is able to make and how comfortable in her own skin she must be. If only all women/girls could be that confident, the world might be a better place, right? While here on her visit this past week, we got the first glimpse of the tattoo,

[do you see the old man]

it’s not completed but it’s well on it’s way.

[there is all sorts of things hiding in there]

The detail of the design is amazing.

[it's kind of a where's waldo of forest creatures]

I find most artists fascinating but ink on skin; I think he must be a pretty talented guy. It was kind of funny to see my kinda of shy sister interact with total strangers that just had to inquire about her tattoo. I think it's a great way to celebrate turning 30!

[sad I'm 30 if she even looks close to 30]

Of course I have to mention that she also got engaged while here...contrary to what my mom was afraid of her diamond looks FAB-O on her tatted up left hand arm!!

[he put a ring on it face] heehee!!

Congrats Jess! We love ya!!

ps. mom did admit she doesn't hate the tattoo!
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