Thursday, February 9, 2012

Come on IN

I am sure you have all been anxiously waiting to get a glimpse inside CAT-5's little home.  So let's go, COME on IN

{notice her house number...hehee!}

Pennant banner from the fabric scraps left after ALL of the loft pillows were made.

please excuse the mess these were taken mid tea party

Her kitchen is painted pink to match the curtain fabrics.  I sewed one panel that does cover "the oven" area when not in use.  The sink is of course a kitchen bowl accented with a real faucet.  I found cute fabric coasters  (dollar store, 4 for ONE dollar) that were coiled, perfect for the stove burners!  We added super cute knobs from hobby lobby. 

To the left of her stove area is her pantry.  {Do you see her super cute register I found at a random antique barn!  It is an original toy register from around the 50s.  I will have to do a post about it!  I was stoked when we got it home and realized it wasn't missing ANY of the tabs!}

Next up the LOFT, a favorite.  We went back and forth about what to do up there and finally came up with the great idea to just sew pillow cases for about 15 pillows (enough to cover the entire loft floor) then we added ribbon to each end. 

Once we got them all situated in the loft, we tied the corners together to make one big bed!  This way if one gets dirty I can just untie it and throw it in the wash!

All the pillows turned out so cute, CAT-5 LOVES them.  I let her pick out all of the fabrics for the pillows. {wasn't that nice of me?}

I can't wait to show you the rest!  From the perfect tea time table to fabulous window box decor, it's all just perfect!

Y'all come back now!



The Popes said...

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!! Who built this and HOW do I get one for Josie!?!?!

Fallon Davis said...

My dad built it! Ive told him he needs to go into business!

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