Thursday, May 3, 2012

TEN years of DATING

The DATING topic came up on facebook a few weeks ago, such a great topic for parents to discuss.  Of course my daughter is no where near the age of dating, but I still think it is something to think about. 

(you can read the article about dating here)

My whole life I have loved boys.  I can remember in Kindergarten loving the boys in my class.  I was just always drawn to boys.  Of course I always had girlfriends, but we paid a LOT of attention to the boys who were our friends.

All throughout school I developed and maintained several wonderful friendships with boys.  Boys, that are now men and I still consider them my friends.  They were a wonderful part of my teenage years and I will forever be grateful to my parents for allowing me the opportunity to be friends and date these guys. 

My 19th birthday with three of my favorite guy friends, including the hubs (pre-boyfriend status)

One in particular though, of course.  If you don't know, my hubby and I met WAY back in sixth grade!  Yep, back in the most awkward of years.  Back when he and his BFF used to ride their bikes to my house during the summer so we could jump on the trampoline.  Back then, I didn't love him the way I do now...BUT those years laid the foundation for the most important part of our marriage!  Our Friendship!  All the years that we were just friends allowed us ample time to really get to know one another, to really understand who each person was as an individual before we ever even thought about dating.  It also allows you to witness and forever remember things about your significant other that you may have been able to live without, but that's besides the point!

Us with the BFF that used to ride his bike to my house in the summer. (Today happens to be their anniversary! whoohoo! Happy Anniversary guys!)

The flip side, how do you cross that line?  Well that's exactly the point I am getting to!!  Today marks the TENTH anniversary of our very first offical date! The offical day that we crossed that line. Music Midtown 2002.  Right after we finished moving me into my big girl apartment in the city we headed off to Music Midtown.

There had been MANY attempts previous, that failed.   There was our first kiss after which he never called never I mean several months...RUDE!  There were lunches and dinners, notes (that's right I used to leave hand written notes on his car becuase WAY back in 2000 we didn't text, OMG) and of course the occasional date.  But it took a long time for our paths to truly cross and for our timing to be right on.  For his friends it was the beginning of the end, but for us, it was just THE BEGINNING. 

So happy DATING anniversary, to my wonderful, most favorite hubby in the world!

And of course a big shout out to my parents for allowing me to date and be friends with "the guys" in high school.  Because sometimes it really isn't all about sex.

Just finished my last class!!  SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER! 


Anonymous said...

Awwww.....I think I was around during those "boys are friends" days back in middle school! I liked to consider us the dynamic duo. :)

Fallon Davis said...

I would have to agree, we were quite the duo!

Blogger said...

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