Friday, May 4, 2012


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It has just been one of those weeks, the kind that just drags on FOREVER.  Needless to say I am so excited that today is Friday!  School is finally done and the hubs doesn't have to work tomorrow and as far as I know we have NO PLANS!


good morning!



Monkey in a box


we are in a victorious phase, and i have to admit, i kinda like it!

oh the places...

craigslist will take ya

out takes from our fam session with this fab girl! LOVE her more to come

nough said

no not a strange beer, making rocks at school

 greeneggs and a new patio

my loves!

Since life has been SO hectic and I missed first DAY May, I'm counting this as my first day!

link up, join the partaaay!


life rearranged

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