About Me

Hi I'm Fallon, lover of all things pink and slightly vintage. I am currently a student and just LOVE my 9-5. I have a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design and I am working towards a degree in Education, hoping that by the time I dump another million into my education the housing market will be in full swing again! Then I could fulfill my DREAM of owning my own residential design studio. But until then I NEED an outlet, a creative one at that. So that brings me here, to 720B.

The hubs and I have known each other since the awkward middle school years, so basically our whole lives.  Although we never dated until college, we have been wonderful friends since the day we meet. 

Together we have one fabulous daughter.

Lovingly named CAT-5 by her peepaw...see below

We are quite the threesome and are always up for a new journey!

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