Monday, March 12, 2012

Fondant Creations

We are in for an awesome treat today!  JESS is here with a few fondant pointers!  I have only attempted one cake with fondant.  It did turn out really cute BUT there were tears shed in the process!!  Let's hope with Jess' help we can avoid a few tears!

Sorry to keep you waiting!  Finally, here is a short tutorial on how to make a fondant creation to get you guys started.  I'm going to show you how to make a fondant cat.

Animals are usually really simple.  You can start with just two little balls for a body and head and just add features to create the animal you desire.

First, you take a small piece of fondant.  Work it in your hands until it is nice and soft, you don't want it to look dry and cracked.  Add a small dot of color, it doesn't take much.  Splash a little powdered sugar on your work surface so the fondant doesn't get too sticky.
Work in the color until it's even and the fondant is nice and smooth.
Next, separate your fondant into one bigger piece for the body, a slightly smaller piece for the head, and a very small piece for legs and ears.  Then, roll your body piece into an oval shape.  Roll it firmly in your hands to avoid lines and creases.  I like to put a small stick into the body to help hold the head on.
Roll your head piece into a nice ball.  Attach it to the body with some simple syrup (sugar water).
To make the legs, I like to roll out one long piece, then cut it.  It's a fast, simple way to do all the legs at once and enables you to get equal size pieces.

With a little shaping, they become legs. :)  Attach these with simple syrup.  Take a knife or sculpting tool to add indentations to make these look like paws.
Next, take a toothpick or sculpting tool to add eyes.  A tiny piece of pink fondant makes a nose.  Make two small triangles and make indentations in the middle to make ears.  Again, attach with simple syrup.
Finally, I take edible ink markers (which you can pick up on line or at Michaels), and I add the final details to make my little kitty complete!
See how it just really turns him into such a cute little cat?!  Good luck and have fun with your own creations!

She makes it sound SO easy, doesn't she! 

Thanks JESS!

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