Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who's THAT girl?

GUYS, my little baby girly girl!  Has gone all KARATE kid on me!

This girl went to one week of camp and became an instant lover.  Last week while on mid-winter break {Am I the only parent that HATES all of these breaks, WTH is a mid-winter break besides a pain in the A for working parents!} she went to karate camp at the local karate place. 

She came home a KARATE LOVER!  So we did what any totally awesome parents would do...signed her up for the karate after school program.  I mean we are already paying for after school, so why not get an extracurricular out of it!

AND SHE LOVES IT!  It is cracking me up and I am pretty sure it is making her daddy proud.  I mean he was loving cheer leading and all BUT seeing your little girl all dressed in a karate uniform, gloves and all - what more could a daddy ask for?!?! Not to mention she is getting all kinds of phycial attivity in and is WAY tired when she gets home!

Let's review...She went to school Monday like this

By the time I got home from school she looked like this!

Off to hold the target...FLYING front kicks coming my way!

ps-CAT-5's willingness to try anything and to LOVE everything just makes her a special little girl, I sure hope she maintains her awesome zest for life...forEVER.

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