Monday, March 5, 2012

What's in that DRAWER?

I found this piece a while ago.  It was love at first site, I just knew I couldn't live without it. 


For the last year or so it has just set empty in our room housing only our hidious DIRECTV box.  That was until we started working on our bathroom.  {It is still not quite done, hopefully soon} Just look at those legs! (ignore the dryall dust on the floor that seems to never go away)

I decided to finally take advantage of the very LARGE drawer.  I moved all of my toiletries to four baskets.  They are all so easy to access now and very organized. 

I even have two small drawers to house ALL of my make-up. 

I am loving it.  So now it is part vanity, which is what it is intended to be, and part entertainment unit.  So practical!

I just ACED my to celebrate!!

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