Friday, February 7, 2014


The last few months have brought so many changes for our little family!  If you aren't aware, we are officially Texas residents!

Change is GOOD!  Or at least that is what everyone always says!!

So far we are adapting.  We are enjoying living close to the city with SO many awesome restaurants and shopping just minutes down the road.

In short, Phoebe is adjusting well to her new school.  Making friends and doing so well academically. We also enrolled her in gymnastics and she could not be more excited!  Adam is working lots of hours, is enduring many conference calls and seems to be enjoying his new position.  I am currently doing nothing!!  This has probably been the hardest change thus far!

I am hoping with my new found free time I will be able to frequently update the blog for our family and friends who want to know EVERY detail of our new lives!!

Until then TGIF (for those of you who have been working hard this week!)

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