Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My only Wish

I am a great procrastinator.  My best work is completed after 10pm...I need the pressure!  Because of this I went into my sister's wedding reception with no Maid of Honor speech prepared.  I had an idea of what I wanted to say but nothing written down, practiced or even in compete sentences.  So I winged it.  I followed the hilarious Best Man who gave me instructions to be the sentimental one because he had funny covered.

My sister and I have an unspoken bond.  We don't talk everyday but at some point in our lives we became close.  I want to make sure that if she ever wants to remember exactly what I wish for her, she has it written somewhere.  So here goes, my best recreation of what hopefully came out the night of their wedding.

It has always seemed that you were so much older than me.  Although at some point I have realized that we are only a mere 18 months apart.  Jessica and I are very different.  She's quiet, I'm loud; she's reserved, I'm out going, but we've always managed to find  a common ground.  Several years ago, Jess came to my husband and I (my boyfriend at the time) and told us that she was moving.  We were all living together in an apartment in Atlanta and Jess decided without knowing a soul, she was relocating.  So we packed her up and shipped her off to Florida where she would meet Derick.  A few years ago, while our beloved grandfather was dying of cancer, Jessica told me she never wanted to get married until she experienced their kind of love.  My grandma slept every night in a recliner because that was the only place my grandfather felt comfortable in his last days and while they fell asleep she would always hold his hands.  So my only wish to you, is that you have the kind of love that they did and that it last for as many years (and more) as theirs.  I love you both!

The Sarno family is so lucky to have gained a new member, my sister, my hero.  LOVE you Jess!

-With Love,
Your Procrastinating Sister

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Sarno's Sweets said...

once again, i am in tears over your speech. i can't believe you ever remembered that i said that, and i remember feeling so strongly that i really would never get married unless it was like that. great speech with great meaning. procrastinator or not, you managed to put together an amazing wedding that will never be forgotten! you are MY hero!!!

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