Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Official

We have finally arrived home from our two mini vacas.  First off to Boston and then St. Simons. Both were a complete blast and we can't wait for more! 

PBK luggage, never gets old

plane train

she talked mimi into adding this LARGE passenger to our travels

FLIES much better than her mama

NO trip would be complete with Dunkin!!

Panda made it!

My sis is super cute preggers and CAT-5 is still in LOVE with their gentle giant OLIVER.

and two sox.

(don't worry, i did NOT cut her bangs. I don't know what is going on in this pic but almost had a small heart attack at first glance thinking someone had hacked those bad boys!)

I do have REAL pics I will share soon, when I don't feel like being lazy!!
NEXT UP St. Simons


I know Mother of Year, first time to the beach and no real camera!! St. Simons via the iPhone is just as good!

the hubs and I LOVE the ocean as much as I LOVE flying...BLAH

but we managed

cracking me up with her stool!

beach bound

the volvo has a built-in booster that we let her ride in sometimes, she loves it but is still a little short!



more sand

homeward bound, with her new fav popcorn thanks to the vending machine!

I have been working non stop at the wedding workshop!!! LOADS of work done.  The sis is due any day and my parents want to load up with as much wedding decor as than can to take up when baby G gets here.  It is all coming together PERFECT, if I do say so myself!!  Be on the look out!

My summer vaca is officially over! 

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