Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy BUSY Busy CAR

This week has been super busy.  We have been all over the place looking for me a new ride.  The Hubs has been on a mission to become debt free for quite some time now.  {I'm pretty sure he missed his calling as a financial planner.}  I'm of the belief that if the debit card works, I can use it.  I guess he doesn't agree.  We aren't doing Dave Ramsey, I mean number one his book made me cry and number two, I can't put money in envelopes, its just weird. So we have completed the Davis Plan and I must say that it has worked very well.  We are down to car payments, student loans (which I am currently adding to) and our house!  In an effort to have reasonable car payments the hubs decided to sell my beloved CRV.  I thought certainly no ONE would give us pay off, but apparently the CRV is a hot commodity in the ATL area, cause that baby is GONE.  Now we are in the search of a reasonable vehicle. 

Fiat 500C Pink Limited Edition

Do you go SUV or CAR? 

I mean obviously I would take this but I'm guessing Christian will not be delivering that to my house any time soon.

Here's my list of must haves:
Leather - my child eats like a monster
Seats that are made for people under 5' Tall
Hook up for my iPhone
a panel between the front seats and the back
DVD player and or hook up
Gas mileage = 1 Trip per week to the filler
A random sticker family

As you can see the list is totally reasonable and well researched. 
Well, if I'm not here you know were I'll be...

Melting down at the nearest carmax.

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