Monday, January 23, 2012

5 reasons WHY

So as many of you know my hubby and I have been together for about nine years.  ForEVER (until this time last year) he rocked either the night shift or the BEST the rotating shift!  (don't worry creepers, he's at home with me every night so you can't stalk me anymore, I've already left one hood because of a peeper let's not make it two) ANYHOW, while he was away and Cat-5 and I were locked on the second floor of our home (see sentence above), I had to occupy my time with something fabulous, something educational, something productive, ya know!  So I turned to my favorite


Let's go...FIVE reasons WHY...I LOVE the Gilmore Girls

1.  They actually talk more and possibly faster than I do.

2.  It's a mother daughter team, there is nothing better.

3.  Luke and Lorelai, Rory and Logan (I mean does it get any better than that?)

4.  The entire DVD series comes packaged in a Barbie like case. (which I totally own)

5.  Rory's graduation speech. 

Pinned Image

The list really goes on and on, but ya get the picture.  Lauren Grahm is currently on Parenthood, don't even get me started on this one...THE BEST show on right now.  If you don't like it one of two things is possible

 #1 You are not a member of a crazy family.

which brings me to the only real possibility

#2 You are in denial that you HAVE a crazy family.

Peace out guys and gals, the presidential debate is on and apparently that's what I am watching!


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