Sunday, January 22, 2012

what HAPPENED to the weekend

Back to work and school for this house hold tomorrow.  Oh how I dread each Sunday night and this Sunday I am tired.  I am 100% sure that my child talks more than any person I have EVER known!  SHE NEVER STOPS!  I'm TIRED!!  SO what exactly did we get done this weekend, let's check it out.

This fab dresser from our living room found a brand new home and I am LOVING it!

We originally planned for this to be our new mirror in our bathroom, however it didn't fit.  NEVER fear, I have already found a new home for it. 

LOVE this especially for $16, it brings it all together nicely.

This might be our current tool stash or my latest design, contemporary isn't it.

We scored these at the local antique shop.  We have been looking for new chairs since I accidentally sold ours last summer at the yard sale.  It is SO hard to find decent chairs and these are already painted super cute and there were six of them.  Oh and they are BIG and they were only $120 for all six...BONUS!

This is my new cool backpack, all mom students need a vera backpack.  I'm pretty sure it needs a monogram...just saying.

AND THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE IN MY KIDS ROOM...just keeping it real.  NOW you see why her peepaw loving named her CAT-5, as in category 5 hurricane.  Please refer to the first paragraph, I am exhausted.

THIS piece is awesome, however it is too big for CAT-5's room and it may need a new home.  When you live in a house built in the 50's tall ceilings are few and far between.  I would love to have it in the attic space but the walls are just not tall enough.  I hate to part with it but, its a possibility. 

That's all for now, as my loving hubby just pointed out, THIS is not homework.

Oh, this may or may not be us minus about 9 years!

Courtesy of my new BFF!

Have a fab-o week!


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