Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Opening UP

Our kitchen and dining room project is coming along nicely.  The hubs busted out a ton of work this weekend.  I mainly just went behind him and cleaned and provided moral support, two things I happen to excel at!

As a reminder here is the before


That's plaster over wire mesh up there!

There used to be a window here to the old porch, that is now a part of our kitchen

See all of that board, that's what is underneath our siding...this used to be an exterior wall for the porch.  NOT fun to remove as those boards go all the way to our roof and all the way through to the basement.

Temporary wall, repairing beams and ceilings

New column

We are closing in this door to make room for an island

The plan for getting onto the deck, french doors or sliding doors where the window is now.

That's a wrap! For the weekend anyways!

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