Monday, June 18, 2012


CAT-5’s love of boots has been well documented.  Her style is beyond her years and well, boots were just a must have for her wardrobe. 

I have always loved cowboy boots, but never actually owned a pair. Once I hit up pinterest for inspiration for my sis’ upcoming nuptials, I FELL in LOVE with these boots.  It was one of my first pins.  You know it’s good when you PIN it, right.  But poor me it was a broken pin, just a pic and no FYI on how to order them. 

Then last year when we finally upgraded CAT-5 to the real deal cowgirl boots from the one and only Horse Town, I spotted them…and music played and a huge white light glowed all around them.  Unfortunately it was too close to Christmas.

Whomp, Whomp Whooomp!

As always MIMI saved the day.  (proof that it pays to be a good daughter, no matter your age) She swooped in and ordered me a brand spankin new pair and they just came in!!


 I'm in love and let me tell you (close your ears adam) these will not be the last pair.  I mean really they are the best.   And I am pretty sure I need a black pair, and a brown pair and anything else in between.

Now I just need a cowboy to ride in and take me away to his ranch (maybe MM is avail).  Such a debate, Christian or Kenny?  The only thing about cowboys...they can NEVER take off their hats…Am I the only one that squirms every time Kenny or Tim remove their hats…um NO SIR! 

Off to pin my next pair!

Disclaimer . For those of you judging wondering, I do know that Christian, Edward, MM, Kenny and Tim are either not real or not attainable.  It’s just fun to pretend but I am aware that I live in reality, the gtown, and not in Seattle, in the Penthouse of Escala.  I mean I think it goes without saying; I wouldn’t trade the hubs in for all the cowboy hats in the world.

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Anonymous said...

SUPER JEALOUS! Those are amazing!

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