Tuesday, May 22, 2012

make your own edible arrangement

SWEET treat today! GUEST POST, Chef Jess of Sarno's Sweets

So, the nice, warm weather is finally here to stay.  Having some summer parties and need some cute, easy ideas for what to serve?  I love the edible arrangements and actually just sent one to my mom for mother's day. :)  Those beautiful fruit arrangements are the inspiration for this post.  It's so easy to make your own!

Take some fruit, whatever you like, lets say pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes and strawberries.  Cut up the pineapple and cantaloupe into cubes.  Put two of each fruit on a long skewer.  Next, take a whole pineapple, and cut off the bottom so that it stands up straight.  Once you have all your fruit on skewers, poke them into the pineapple all over.  It will look something like this. I didn't make this one, but just so you get an idea.

Yes, I know, not quite as gourmet as a real "edible arrangement,"  but it's cute and easy enough for everyone to do themselves.

Now, need a dip for your skewers?  Here's an easy one.  Take a container of plain yogurt, add a couple spoons of mayo (yes, mayo) and a little honey for sweetness.  Want it a little sweeter?  Add a little powdered sugar!

There!  Done!  Now you have an awesome display for your next summer party!  Enjoy!

YUMMY! Thanks for sharing Jess!

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