Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Build A MAN

Whenever life slows down in just the least, I immediately download a new book to the kindle.  While I am in school I am trying to avoid starting a series because I just really don't have time.  So last time I went straight to amazon and downloaded one of their kindle editions, it was like two dollars and in my opinion was totally worth it. 

I picked Build A Man.  A really cute book about a receptionist/wanna be tabloid reporter that currently works in a plastic surgery clinic.  When a new male client comes in for the works, she knows this is her chance to go undercover and write a really juicy tabloid column.  Of course things end in a mess of love.  I really enjoyed it; super easy to read, not emotionally draining and entertaining all at the same time...just my style!

This time, I went to one of my fav websites chicklitisnotdead and went with their latest recomendation.  So far so good!  I love a good book!

And since I don't have a picture of my book, I think I will just include one of cat-5 becausse she is so cute!

Off to find my kindle!

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