Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wedding Workshop

My big sis is getting hitched in September!  Because I am the BEST sister in the world, I am hand making all sorts of goodies!  First up on the list - welcome bags.  {Since the wedding is an entire weekend event for those staying at the inn, we are making welcome bags for each guest staying the weekend with us} We have been gathering 'stuff' to make the bags pretty for several months now.  Hankies, buttons, ribbon, charms and anything else we thought was cute enough. 

While we opted not to make the bags our selves, we are making fabric flowers to add a little hand made charm to each and every bag.  The fab Lezlee Elliot is doing an entire wedding stationary set for us.  We decided we didn't want the bags to be too personal to the wedding weekend, so  Lezlee whipped up a very fancy shamancy "Stowe, VT 2012" for us to  have printed on the bags. We then added a button (hello Lezlee does fabulous work) with the "S" for Sarno (the new last name) this way guest can remove that little bit of personal from the bag after the weekend if it cramps their style!

I just don't think these could be any cuter.  What I love about these welcome bags is the little touch of personal that it adds.  I think there is always something nice about handmade, something that adds just a little more charm to anything.  It's something custom for the guest without them leaving being branded with the bride and grooms monogram, which is totally useless to anyone but the bride and groom!

We plan to include a local map, goodies from GA and MASS, snacks and a few other surprises.  Did you have welcome bags at your wedding?  What did you include?

Off to dream of hankies!

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Anonymous said...

Loooove the bags!!! Girl, I didn't realize you had a blog! You have to excuse me until july 23 (last day of my class)! I have been in a total fog for 2 months! I will definitely be checking it out from now on!

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