Monday, February 6, 2012

A few of my Favs

Mondays are hectic for me.  Mainly because it’s a school night, so I have to be all prepared first thing for both work and school.  It’s hard enough for me to mentally prepare myself for the work week, but when I have to pack up my backpack too, it just adds to the stress…ya heard me!?!?! 

Since Mondays are such a mess I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that help me get through the day.  All of which are blogs, I’m a blog fanatic!  Seriously people, what did I read prior to these things?

First off I always start my day with Reagan.  She’s a super awesome, hairdresser, whose husband is a hot lawyer by day photographer by night.  She lives in NYC and has an awesome little PIPster that she often shares with us lucky readers.  Piper is so stinking cute she has just recently inspired a pair of too cute shoes by See Kai Run called Piper Jane.  Aren't they CUTE?

Second I have to check in on Meg, I need color in my world and she always provides that.  She also host CRAFT weekend…HELLO my dream, I’m on the waiting list but haven’t been called up yet!  Oh and her house…don’t even go there!! AWESOME

I have a few others that I check off and on during the week.  The Handmade Home is always so inspiring; their house is just out of this world fabulous!  I also frequent 71toes and Journey to Josie.  Both of those are mommy blogs, I went to school with Josie’s dad so I LOVE getting to follow their journey.

I have a few other design blogs that I love, but I can’t share all my secrets, at least not today anyway! 

I always finish off my blog stalking with the PioneerWoman.  I mean if you haven’t checked her out, you’re missing out on a TON!  I first came across her long ago and started reading her love story; how she met and fell in love with Marlboro Man.
It has since been published and is a great book AND it’s a true story.  I was seriously praying that my hubby would roll up on a horse in chaps, but we all KNOW that hasn’t happened yet…a girl can dream!

photo from pioneerwoman

Peace out Chicks, I have a midterm to ACE!


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