Thursday, January 19, 2012

What is WRONG with my GENDER

A local radio station has been doing a funny segment called "What is wrong with my gender?"  Mostly women are participating and it really got me thinking...What IS wrong with my gender?  To me there is ONE thing wrong with my gender...not being catty, not being drama and definitely not being superficial.  To me nothing compares to the ability for women to just be flat out FAKE!  This has allowed me to vent, have a little confession if you will. 
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There are few things in life that really get under my skin.  As a girl, I have always found it super hard to maintain friendships with other girls. My whole life I have always preferred boys as friends to a girlfriend any day of the week.  As I got older and eventually married, I assumed that it would be easier to have girls as friends; you know when there were no more boyfriends to fight over, clothes to copy, homecoming nominations to win, etc, etc.  But I was SO wrong.  I don’t think women ever grow out of that fake mentality.  Now it seems to be whose kid is smarter, better dressed, who doesn’t work or God forbid who DOES work and the list still goes on and on.  Really none of that bothers me.  I have never had a problem feeling good about myself, never needed the approval of others to be who I am and feel GREAT about it.  What DOES p#ss me off about these so called friends is how unbelievable F.A.K.E. they are.  Here’s the thing, I don’t need you and I especially don’t need your drama.  It is just amazing to me how women can be so fake.  So here’s the deal, if you suddenly find yourself ‘needing’ something from me (funny how people come out of the woodwork isn’t) don’t pretend you are my friend (as I stated before, I don’t need you), just approach me as an adult and say you need a favor.  AND by all means, make sure you say “thank you”!  After all as a parent don’t you need to “practice what you preach”, how can you expect your child to have any manners when you have none yourself.  Guess what, they won’t.  They will be just as ugly as you are J

And that my dear is what (I believe) is wrong with our gender!

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