Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a NEW year!

2012 is finally here! So much in store for us this year; a wedding, several renovations and possibly a few other unmentionables. I have so many projects scheduled that I decided I have to return to the blog world to document my progress.

FIRST UP...the master suite.

Our house was built in 1951, not super old but just old enough. We have been here just a little over a year and a few things are in need of an update; including our windows!

SO when we had a leak in both our master bathroom ceiling and a window in our master bedroom, we knew our renovations had to start there.

THIS is what we found...N.I.C.E.


and this

and this

W.O.W. so we splurged

and went for the real deal wooden windows! 

They are SO nice.  We started knowing that we were replacing the window with the leak, but once you do one...you MUST do the next!  Now we have TWO brand new windows! They are so clean and clear.  This is just the first of many projects in the master suite...stay tuned to see what's next!


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