Monday, May 14, 2012

handMADE mother's DAY

This year for Mother's Day, I was able to bust out a complete handmade holiday!  Yeah me!

My inspiration came from mimi's brand new patio, she needed a few pretties.  I started with coasters. 

This project is super easy and only requires a few supplies.

I found great papers with great prints and colors without being TOO loud.


At the last minute I decided that she needed a wreath and maybe a garden flag.  {I totally copied this idea from the CRAFTYLADY, whom I have placed several orders from and will again I am sure.  So hopefully she will not mind.}

{I added a few more fabric flowers after this pic}

I fell in LOVE with this orange fabric immediately!

more flowers

I am so mad I don't have a better pic of this super cute tray the hubs made her.  I found several inspiration pictures on pinterest and LOVED the idea of a tray from an old door.  Since we didn't have an extra door laying around the hubs busted one out!  I really dig the way it turned out!  And who doesn't love fork and spoon handles!!

No Mother's Day would be complete without a flower bouquet custom made by the one and only CAT-5!

I have to say a handmade holiday is so rewarding!  I hope to have more in the future!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's DAY!

1 comment:

Christina said...

The coasters are ADORABLE!!

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