Thursday, March 1, 2012

the HUNGER Games

So I jumped on the band waggon and decided to read the Hunger Games trilogy.  {This seriously came highly recommended from a GUY at work}

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I wanted to finish it before the movie comes out this month! I have to say this was a great series. I think these books will make for an awesome movie. Some are saying it's the new Twilight, but I have to say the 'love' story in this books doesn't compare to the LOVE in Twilight. For me the love story isn't the main story line here. With all that said, I do have to say I recommend it. I think it's worth all the hype,  definitely pick up  the first book before the movie premiers!!  They are a very easy read and you can get the entire trilogy on Amazon for pretty cheap!


Amber said...

We read this for our book club and it was one of everyone's favorites! I actually just got my husband into it and even he read it in two days, which is really good for him!

Fallon Davis said...

Thats pretty good! My husband will not read anything!

Blogger said...

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